Multi Manutenzione srl was founded in November 1992 with the merger of two separate companies which already operated in the fields of construction, thermomechanics, electrics and services. This made it possible to structure works for public/private contracts more comprehensively.

Our name, meaning ‘multi maintenance’ in English, is inspired by the nature of the works carried out, mostly routine and extraordinary maintenance spanning all kinds of works and services. Acquisition of some major public contracts allowed us to gain a wealth of organisational experience which led to the first corporate restructuring and introduction of Directors and Technical Managers responsible for coordinating the individual sectoral areas into our organisational charts.

Building on the experience gained from public works and services contracts, we decided to merge the two main areas and market ourselves to small and medium municipalities in the field of Facility Management. The acquisition of global small business contracts has allowed us to gain experience which motivates our sales department to undertake advertising initiatives such as conferences and training courses, to raise awareness of our company’s knowledge as applied to new situations.

Through diversifying services, a further change was achieved resulting in the following:
  • Streamlining of the service offers provided.
  • Redefinition of a market development strategy.
  • Redefinition of the organisational structure in the sectoral areas.
  • Division of roles and responsibilities with development of managerial and administrative skills.
  • Development of technical and design skills spanning various services and sectors.
  • Development and application of economic/management planning and control systems.
  • Dissemination of an organisational culture focussed on improving results.

Today’s range of activities has led us to not only reinvest in human resources, but also to change the IT structure, focussing on a strong propensity for technological innovation which is necessary to remain in touch with the market.


means creating the right dimensions to work in a constructive and forward-thinking manner


Our vision of the future lies in the overall progress of all group activities; this includes seeing energy saving as a driving force in addressing important organisational investments.

Investments for Multi Manutenzione mean resources – our most important asset – and not least spaces: the right tools and the right resources enable us to reach our goals.

These have been our investments and policy in the last few years.

Increased recruitment and training of technical and operational staff, with consequent reduction in the use of external personnel. Technical training of subcontracted personnel with focus on the environment, safety, ethics, compliance with the laws and standards in force, and Multi Manutenzione’s best practices.

Today, our offices span more than 1,000 square metres, our warehouse covers over 1,300 square metres, and we have over 1,000 square metres of parking (increase of over 50% in the last five years).

Today, Multi Manutenzione has chosen to obtain and maintain corporate certifications which support and qualify its business and quality: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA8000, applying Organisational Model 231/01 with external auditors



Some of our goals:

Maintaining awareness of our relationships with clients by paying attention to their needs

Continued professional growth in all areas in which we are present

Creating new prospects by investing in innovative technologies to be made available to our clients

Expansion of foreign markets